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Portfolio Category: LJC Services

Low Bed Transport

Low Bed Transport Larry Jacinto Construction has a large truck fleet which includes dump trucks, flatbeds, water trucks, form trucks, and low beds. The Low Bed truck and trailers are available for transport services for small and heavy equipment as well as heavy cargo loads or oversize construction materials. Please contact our dispatch office to…
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Rock / Recycling Plant

ROCK / RECYCLING PLANT MATERIALS: Jacinto operates a solid materials recycling plant in Redlands, CA where we produce class 2 base, filter rock, landscape rock, and rip rap. Contact our dispatch office for materials pricing and dump fees.
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General Contracting

General Contracting Jacinto performs a few complete site development contracts per year. Typical contracts include rough grading, street improvements, wet and dry underground utilities, and masonry walls. Jobs include residential tract development, small commercial developments, and institutional expansions.
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